Sundry Occurrences of the Name of Medlicott

by Henry Edmondstone Medlicott

I have in my possession a fairly complete list of the Medlicotts alive now and the occurrences of the name in newspapers etc. for some time back, and also many letters from Medlicotts giving all the information possible as to their ancestry. There is no doubt that they are all of the same family, though in some cases it has been difficult to establish the connection. I will now give a small selection of the various interesting occurrences of the name:

“The Rev. William Medlicott B.A. late of Trinity College, Oxford, is appointed domestic Chaplain to the Earl of Galloway.” (British Chronicle 28th. September 1757)

A Medlicott was private Chaplain to Lord Ferrers of Ashby-de-la-Zouch in 1844

There was a racehorse called “Medlicott”, owned by Lord Herbert VaneTempest. It may have been called by its American breeder after the Medlicott who was a racing Jockey in California. Its owner however, thinks it was called after the name of a house on Long Island.

F.H. Dongal & Co. published an advertisement for the next of kin of John Medlicott and Edward Bolt Medlicott in connection with some unclaimed Property.

In 1814 Edward Medlicott went to Portugal. Some of his family still live in Lisbon and Cintra. (See pages 65-66)

The Right Rev. Adolphus Medlycott, the author of “India and the Apostle Thomas” became Vicar Apostolic of Malabar and R.C. Bishop of Trichur. He is said to have come from Portugal. (See pages 65-66).

The following is a list of books in which the name of Medlicott occurs in fiction:
Middlemarch” by George Eliot.
“Magnum Bonum” by Miss Younge.
“Under the Old Roof” by Hesba Stretton (who lived at Church Stretton where the name Medlicott occurs).
“The Medlicotts, an uneventful family Chronicle” by Curtis Yorke.
“The Syren” by Cecil Medlicott.
“Reuben Medlicott” by M.W. Savage.