The Family of Medlicott

This is an account of Medlicott family history as largely recorded by Henry Edmondstone Medlicott, who died in 1916, and completed by his son Colonel Henry Edward Medlicott, who presented nine copies of the document to other members of the Medlicott family in 1938. This proposes that the origins of the family go back to Llewellyn de Modlicott, who lived in the hamlet of Medlicott, situated on the English-Welsh border in modern day Shropshire, at around 1180 AD. The first five chapters of the document will be of most interest to those interested in the origins of the Medlicott name and migrations of the family within England up to the 17th Century.

There are 12 sections in the original account and a “Supplement” added in 1985:

Henry Edmondstone Medlicott was descended from the Irish Dunmurry branch of the Medlicott family, which was started by George Medlicott of Tully in around 1672. Accordingly, a large section of the “Family of Medlicott” is given to that branch of the family (chapter 6).

Henry Edmondson Medlicott

I am indebted to Katie Morris of California who came across this picture of Henry Edmondstone Medlicott while carrying out research into the Scriven branch of the family. The picture was taken in 1868 by Montreal photographers Notman, while on a visit to Canada and the United States. At that time his cousin, Joseph Medlicott Scriven, was living at Port Hope, Ontario, Canada.

In 1985, Ronald Medlicott, the son of Henry Edward Medlicott, produced the “Supplement” to “The Family of Medlicott”, which both expands upon and provides clarification to the information given in the original publication. My family did not receive a copy of the supplement when it was issued so I was never quite sure if the copy I came across was completely accurate and complete. I was therefore very grateful when I received an email from George Bird, a first cousin of Ronald Medlicott with whom he had discussed the supplement several times, who was able to confirm the authenticity of the contents.

The Supplement describes how Mervyn Medlycott established that George Medlicott of Tully was not a brother of Thomas of Binfield, from whom the Rocketts Castle line is descended. Instead, he suggests that George Medlicott was the product of the marriage between James Medlicott of Stockwell and Ashstead and Frances Culpeper, a cousin of the 1st Lord Culpeper. An inspection of the Culpepper Family Tree confirms that Frances Culpepper was indeed the first cousin of John, 1st. Lord Culpeper and that she did indeed marry a Medlicott, although the Culpepper family tree refers to him as James Medlicote of Feckenham, Co. Worc. The date of the marriage between James and Frances held in Feckenham is 7 January 1626, the same as that identified by Mr Mervyn T. Medlycott for James Medlicott, of Ashtead, Surrey. Hence it is likely that they are the same person. The Culpepper Family Tree does not identify any children by James and Frances, but this does not mean there were no children, since often only the children from the male line were identified who could carry on the family (i.e. Culpepper) name.

The Supplement also gives further information about the possible relationship of George Medlicott of Tully with Lord Ossory who lived from 1634 to 16880) and was an Irish nobleman;, the son of James Butler, 12th earl and 1st duke of Ormonde.

Medlicott crest

Examples of Medlicott Crest taken from Wentnor and Kildare are described.

Medlicott Hamlet

Brief description of the Hamlet of Medlicott including a copy of the drawing made of the original manor house.


More specific information of Medlicotts within the world, but mainly from England, is given in the Feedback link, using information provided by past readers of this site.